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CryptoDevil - cryptodevil.com

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Have you ever wanted to be your own boss? To work as long as you please, and do it all from your home, generating a trustworthy
and constant stream of income? Well then.. You are in the right place. Welcome to CryptoDevil. A specially designed Investment Platform, with a core belief that
we - bitcoin enthusiasts - together can change the game and create passive side income in a secure way.
Our user friendly and Automated Payment System makes sure that every single invested coin is doubled on time and transferred to your wallet directly.



Go to deposit page then enter your username and bitcoin address where you want to receive all your comissions and press continue,
after that you will receive your unique affiliate link connected to your bitcoin address
and all commissions will be transfered to your provided wallet automatically and instantly after each deposit.
Self referring is not allowed and commissions will not be sent..



CryptoDevil is planning an international business expansion. We are keenly aware that without some field support this process can take a long time.
That's why we are looking for enterprising and active people in dozens of countries to assign them status of our official representatives.
The company does not require any specific knowledge or skills.
It will be enough for you to have the desire to grow with us and help to promote CryptoDevil at the level of your city and country.
Moreover representative's group successfully solves the problem of the language barrier, since our website doesn't provide all possible languages.

Check the requirements to apply here: VIP




CryptoDevil is organizing an Opening Giveaway! Every single one of you is free to participate. It's very simple to participate.
All you must do is to create a quality post about us (Maybe in a forum, Social Media, etc), but
there must be a decent amount of people who will see your post.


You must have a minimum deposit 0.01 [btc] or more.
You must send your proof to our giveaway email: giveaway@cryptodevil.com and include the TX (Transaction Hash) for adding Bonus.

You can find ScoreBoard here.



Live support is soon to be added for You guys.


Вы здесь » «MonitorHyip Group» - мониторинг hyip проектов » Мусорка » CryptoDevil - cryptodevil.com