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Старт проекта: 2020-11-20

Qorepay.biz is fully registered company in UK. company number : 13006077, Registered office address 68 Crispin Place, Aldgate, London, United Kingdom, E1 6DW

Our business model was created for every, even the smallest investor and is addressed to people from all over the world. By accumulating funds, we are able to realistically offer guaranteed profits to our investors. Joining the group of our investors is very easy. Simply register your account, without any verification, make any deposit and start enjoying the passive income you receive every day. Business model above all, reliable and reasonable management of the assets of their clients. Anyone can become our customer through a minimum contribution of $20 which entitles to participate in investment projects achieving the aforementioned guaranteed profits.

We are a team of people who understand the needs of our investors. We understand and appreciate how much trust you place in us and we promise to do everything to achieve you r financial goals. Our business plan assumes that there will be no complications in achieving the objectives of our investment plans.

We give you various possibilities to multiply your profits. You can reinvest earned money every day, in addition you can also use our Affiliate Program, which offers you the possibility of unlimited earnings by recommending our site to others. Even if you don't have your own deposit, you are entitled to make a profit from every deposit that your referrals will make. All these factors can contribute to the fact that you multiply your finances several times, using our platform on a daily basis. We strongly encourage you to use our platform and advertise it among your friends or others using your social media, blogs, internet forums or private or commercial websites.

We have a secured system where your money is 100% guaranteed to be safe and protected. QOREPAY Limited makes every effort to maximize the company's customers were protected from all threats. Comfort and convenience are the main investment targets for our specialists.

Инвестиционные планы:


  3.5% в день в течение 50 дней
Возможность вывода основной суммы через 24 часа с комиссией 12%

Минимальный вклад: 20$
Реф-программа: 4% - 2% -1%
Оплата: Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, DashCoin, BitcoinCash, Dogecoin
Выплаты: ручные

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